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Creating Indian culinary delight since 1985

True to the Moghlai cuisine traditions, The Moghul in Sidcup has been creating Indian culinary delights since 1985.

Come and experience the relaxed ambience and good food at The Moghul.

Welcome to The Moghul in Sidcup

Babur, the first Moghul lured to India by its riches started a Dynasty which became known as the Moghul Empire for over two centuries. The Emperors led the way, their brilliant personalities were the jewels of pavilion of Moghul India.

They brought with them the signs of their nomadic origin such as the mastery of horse riding and unique way of preparing and cooking food. Their food was cooked on open fire or makeshift earthenware oven, giving it an delicate flavour and natural taste.

The Moghul indulgence

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